"NetWARM.net" Rebate Program

Date: November 13, 2001 (Revised 11/23/01)

Attention: NetWARM.net Customers

Subject: The (New) Rebate Program

Once you have one friend sign up and pay for one month, you get an one time award of $5 in American Liberty Currency - silver certificates.

And when you sign up a second friend and they pay for one month, and you now have two friends signed up for regular service, and you continue to pay on time, you then get $5 in silver certificates every month.

And once you help sign up two more friends (now four friends) you then get $10 in silver certificates every month.

And when you help sign up six friends you get $15 in silver certificates every month.

In summary, the rebate schedule is this:

NetWARM.net Rebate Program Schedule

  0 friends = no rebate
  1 friend = good for one month only - $5 rebate
  2 friends =  good every month - $5 rebate
  4 friends =  good every month - $10 rebate
  6 friends =  good every month - $15 rebate
  8 friends =  good every month - $20 rebate
10 friends =  good every month - $25 rebate
12 friends =  good every month - $30 rebate
14 friends =  good every month - $35 rebate

We pay out in only constitutional money: Gold and Silver! (Real money / American Liberty Currency / NORFED.org / Warehouse receipts), and you can pay for the services in ALC too. Please order your ALC certificates from http://SilverFeverExchange.com .

This is how you do the rebate program:

1.) Tell your friend about NetWARM.net that internet services are available for $10.
2.) Tell your friend that you will sponsor them.
3.) Tell your friend your sponsor number.
4.) Tell your friend to contact NetWARM.net by e-mail or by phone.
5.) Then tell your next friend the same message, items 1.) thru 4.) again.
6.) Repeat 1.) thru 5.) until you are as wealthy as you can stand it.

NetWARM.net helps you make friends and make real money in the progress.

We want you to successfully receive your rebate, so please be sure to provide us your current mailing address. There will be a web page on NetWARM.net that will provide a progress update of everyone's monthly success. Please call us to find out your assigned customer number. Note: You must be 18 years or older to participate in the rebate program, and/or receive internet services. And you are eligible only for one rebate per customer or household per month, i.e. Sponsoring yourself, or someone in your immediate family will disqualify yourself.


P.S. Please let us know how you like the new rebate program.

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