Date:     10/26/00 (revision date: 12/4/2001)

         New NetWARM Customer

     NetWARM Management

Subject:     Introduction to NetWARM and Account Setup Procedures

Dear New Customer (in your city),

Thank you for filling out the order form for services given to you by your program sponsor.
In however way you arranged to have information received to you from with your sponsor will be the way in which you will receive your initial personal account information.

-If you ordered dial-up access, you now have an unlimited internet access dial-up account with "".
Once you receive your access user name, pass word and local access dial-up telephone number(s), you will be ready to get on the internet.

Note: Internet Explorer has a site blocking feature that can block sites based on content consisting of: Language, Nudity, Sex, and/or Violence that you can activate if you wish to do so. This is probably not something that is guaranteed to work every time or all the time, but could provide a satisfactory level of blocking. To set this blocking feature select the Tools menu, next Internet Options, then Content. You will need to press the Enable button and then make your custom settings for the various categories. To make changes later to the rating levels you have set, you will need to use the site blocking password that you had previously used.

-If you already have access to the internet or the web, and you only ordered e-mail and/or website, you now have a personal e-mail/web site account with "".
Once you receive your e-mail/web site user name and pass word you will be ready to use your e-mail address and web site at your user name.
(For examples only.)
E-mail address: ""
Web site URL: "" (See below for more information on this.)
Note: You can change your password by going to: , then when prompted enter your user name and pass word.

-If you ordered domain name web site hosting, you hopefully should be ready soon to upload your new web site with your domain name hosted by "".
Here are the two name servers you should be using with :
The NS1.NETWARM.NET number is:
The NS2.NETWARM.NET number is:
You should be ready when your domain name is registered by your domain name registrar and is listed by Network Solutions at:

Internet With Area Rebate Money
With "" you have the opportunity, depending on certain conditions, to be awarded with either practically immediate rebates and/or monthly rebates:
1.) Once you sign-up for services you will be able to sign-up other people for service and then be awarded up to $4 for each new customer to "". A minimum of two sign-ups are required to receive an award, of which in this case, possibly up to $8. These awards are available in America Liberty Currency dollars, or if you prefer, in this case only, United States Federal Reserve System notes.
2.) Also, if you tell two friends and sponsor them to "" you will be eligible for rebates when your level, and the next level, entry positions are filled. When this occurs you will then be eligible to collect your first one dollar rebate in America Liberty Currency (ALC) silver certificates every month. After each level is completed further beyond your level, your monthly rebate will double in size, i.e. from $1 to $2, from $2 to $4, from $4 to $8, etc. Please take note that this process of rebate doubling stops when the rebate program reaches level 13. Also take note that your entry position in this program will be good for up to one year after the program reaches level 13 or two years after the start of the program, whichever condition comes first.
-This sponsorship and rebate program may not be available in your county or state.
-American Liberty Currency is redeemable in one ounce fine silver or gold Liberty rounds.
-All $5 or higher priced service package taken individually will be acceptable in the rebate program.
-For the complete program rebate details, go to the NetVAR web site at:

To Stay or To Cancel: If you decide to cancel your internet access account at anytime in the future, please help me to keep my cost down for others and let me know by 15th of any current month, otherwise NetVAR will need your payment in hand by no later than the 15th of the month. See below for normal payment instructions.

Suggestion: Print out the contents of this e-mail so you can reference it later, and to use the mailing labels.

Just a helpful note: The following information should be the only information you will need to utilize your dial-up access account (to access the internet or your e-mail), and your personal e-mail/web site account with "" . This is not a complete tutorial on life or on using your computer. If you are new to personal computer technology you may need to do some dependent or independent study of your own. Don't fret too much, today's computers have never been easier to use than they are today. And things will get easier by the day as you continue to learn their proper operation. Try to stay with tried and true hardware and software and things should go more smoothly for you.

Typical Internet Access Dial-Up Account Information
(For security purposes, don't share your account information with others and don't forget your access name or pass word.)
(This is just for example.)
If your user name is:
Your actual access user name would be:
"accessname@nw1-1" Even though this looks like an e-mail address, it is not.
Your access user name consists of your "accessname" with the realm of "nw1-1", you need to enter the entire character string including the at symbol "@" between the user name and the realm. Don't include any quotation marks or spaces.
Your initial password (PW) will be something like this: "pass-word"
Note 1: The access user name "accessname@nw1-1", and PW are both case sensitive.
For example: The capital letter "A" is uppercase, while the letter "a" is lowercase.
Note 2: If you need to be reminded, we can tell you what your dial-up access user name or PW is. Or if you want us to, your PW can be changed to something else if you request some other pass word.

Typical Local Area Internet Access Dial-Up Telephone Information

(The telephone access numbers should be good toll- free local calling numbers in Your City area, but to be sure you may want to double check them for yourself.)
(Again this is just an example)
primary         456-7890
secondary      567-8901
next backup  678-9012

Instructions For Windows 98 Users
From the "My Computer" icon on the desktop you go to the folder "Dial Up Networking".
From there you use the "Make New Connection" to enter the following items for:

(Again this is just an example)
Username: accessname@nw1-1
Pass word (case sensitive): pass-word
Tel. number (your local dial-up number in Your City area): (123) 456-7890

After you create a new dial-up for this telephone number or one of the other telephone numbers above, you next right click your mouse on the dial-up icon you just created and holding it down, you will see a selection item called properties, after selecting properties you should see TCP/IP settings.
You can now set the DNS numbers and domain names as follows:
primary DNS     can be set to:
secondary DNS can be set to:

For Macintosh Users
You use the control panel "Remote Access" to enter your following information:
(Again this is just an example)
User name (case sensitive): accessname@nw1-1
Pass word (case sensitive): pass-word
Tel. number (your local dial-up number in Your City area): (123) 456-7890

Note 3: The control panel folder is accessible from the Apple Menu.

And now go to the Control Panel from the Apple menu and from the TCP/IP control panel, select and enter the following information:
Connect via: PPP
Configure: Using PPP Server
Name server address: Search domains:
(Enter the DNS addresses)                     (Enter the domains)                       

Or you can use the Internet Setup Assistant to do everything. Go to the Apple menu, (the internet access folder should be close to the top of the list) and then select the Internet Setup Assistant. Follow the instructions to complete setup of your dial-up access account.

Typical E-mail Address, Username, Pass word and Alias Information
(For security purposes, don't share your account information with others. You can share your e-mail address with those you want to receive e-mail from.)
(You need to ignore the "quotation marks" as used below.)
If you want to, you can easily change your PW at anytime later. We will explain this process a little further on.
[And if for some reason you want, you can have us later change your user name (and/or your aliases used in place of your user name) in your e-mail address. In that case, just let us know what you want at that time.]

(Again this is just an example)
(1.) Your E-mail address is:
Note 4: Your e-mail address is not case sensitive.
Your user name (is case sensitive) is: "username"
Your initial PW will be some (is case sensitive): "pass-word"
Note 5: Both the user name and PW are case sensitive.
Note 6: The user name needs to be a unique name of 12 characters or less.
Note 7: The user name and PW can and is probably different from what you use for your dial-up access account already described above.

(2.) First Alias E-Mail Address is: ""
When you check for e-mail at your e-mail address (1.) above you will also
get e-mail for aliases (2.), (3.) and (4.) automatically, so you will want to set
your e-mail application to only check for just one of the related e-mail addresses.

(3.) Second Alias E-Mail Address is:
The same explanation as for (2.) above.

(4.) Third Alias E-Mail Address is:
The same explanation as for (2.) and (3.) above.

Note 8:
The alias names are not limited by the 12 character or less restriction.

Note 9:
Every e-mail application (the program software you use) is unique and the account setup procedure may vary, so please refer to your user information manual that comes with your software or just spend some time checking out your application's setup / help menus and you'll probably figure it out on your own. But, if necessary ask for assistance.

Note 10:
In addition to accessing your e-mail, you will need to use your PW when you want to change your PW. You can see your customized system welcome web site page for instructions at: ""
The way to change your personal e-mail settings or options is to go to your personal control panel at the URL:
You will be asked for your user name and password. The personal control panel is where you can change your password and to select other e-mail related options.

TAKE NOTE: Any characters following after the third slash are case sensitive.
 In the case above URL (means Uniform Resource Locator), http (stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol), WWW. (is the host name),  NetWARM is the secondary domain name, net (as in dot net, is the primary domain name, and the next item following the slash symbol (/) is either a directory (or the folder) or a filename (filename.htm or filename.html). If the file is named index.html , then it won't be needed for inclusion when accessing it by a web browser. Simply "http://www.secondarydn.primarydn" will do to see the index.html (the Hypertext Markup Language file named index).

Note 11:
The same user name and PW are also used to put up (that means to upload) your own web site to your username, for example at: "". To upload or to continue to do work on your web site to add, change, download, or etc., just enter your user name and PW when requested, and follow the instructions on how to have your very own personal web site.
For example you could have a personal web site that can be viewed by all on the world wide web at: ""


Last But Not Least Here Are the Mail and SMTP Settings
To use your e-mail account you will also need to enter the following two bits of information into your e-mail application to receive and send e-mail.
The Mail host is (this is what you receive mail from): ""
The SMTP server is (this is what you send mail to): ""

The Return Address: This is the e-mail address that you want others to have and see when you send them your e-mail. For example: This could be your or, etc.

News Groups
Also available are many news groups on many different topics.
The News Groups are available at: ""

Typical Hosting of  "" Web Site
You change everything above with "" to (just for example): ""
You also get: siteadmin control over your web site, then you can setup and have multiple e-mail user accounts, aliases, web directories, 20 Megabytes or more, FrontPage Extensions, a lot higher level control over what you need to do in your web designs, i.e. e-commerce for starters.

The name servers for your domain name will need to be changed by your domain name register to the following two names for the name server:

NS1.NETWARM.NET    and its associated number is:

NS2.NETWARM.NET    and its associated number is: Technical Service and Support
For support, or if you have a question on service, you can reach technical support at:
E-mail address:
The support telephone number is: (760) 644-3280
The pager number is: (800) ___ - _____ (A backup to telephone support, not provided here intentionally.)
The web site is:

Note 12: If you need further on-line technical support the following resource provided by the support link maybe of benefit to you:

The Snail Mail Address for NetVAR
Attn.: Richard Lowell
P.O. Box 827
Ramona, California [ZIP 92065]

Have fun on the internet, live long and prosper $:-)
Tell a friend, tell two friends, or tell even more about "", and watch your monthly rebates grow!

Payment Method and the Mailing Labels For Your Use:
-You will want to use a permanent glue stick adhesive or good scotch tape to apply the mailing labels to your envelop.
Please send your payment in cash or postal money order along with a copy of your active order form on the first day of each month, or within a few days there hence. You will be e-mailed a receipt for your monthly or bi-monthly payment. Once meetings are scheduled for picking up monthly rebates you may choose to pay at that time instead of by mail.
-If you send cash, use a folded paper sheet to help conceal it. While it is best to make monthly payments, for your convenience you may make a payment covering up to two months at a time.
-NetVAR will send you only one courtesy reminder between the 7th and 10th of the month. Please let NetVAR know by e-mail what I should know about a possible late payment. NetVAR will need your payment by the 15th so I can keep giving you and others the low price, great service, with that something extra only found from NetWARM (interNet With Area Rebate Money). NetVAR is the business promotion and management that keeps track of customer payments, and also provides all eligible customers their rebates. For more on the NetVAR (Network Valuable Area Rebates) program details, the web site is at:
-And if you have any new technical area requirements or requests, comments, complaints, etc., please try to send your correspondence first by e-mail (if at all possible), second by telephone (Technical support also has voice mail and text messaging), third by pager (only numeric), and fourth by snail mail.
-We understand your desire for privacy, so don't give me or anyone any more information than you want to have shared with others, this includes what you do on the internet, or what you e-mail to others, or what you say over the phone in personal conversations. Gossip and unfounded rumors or not, are sometimes are hard to keep to oneself.
-Thank you for choosing "". (Don't let your friends be continually robbed by those high priced jerks, with their grumpy, narrow-minded, wimpy service. Tell them about "", the ISP with the technological edge, plus that exclusive W.A.R.M. incentive that can put real money into your billfold every month!)

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For your convenience you can use the mailing labels included here on your envelops:
Attn.: Richard Lowell                                 <October 1, 2001>
NetVAR (10)
P.O. Box 827
Ramona, California ZIP [92065]
Attn.: Richard Lowell                                 <September 1, 2001>
NetVAR (9)
P.O. Box 827
Ramona, California ZIP [92065]
Attn.: Richard Lowell                               <August 1, 2001>
NetVAR (8)
P.O. Box 827
Ramona, California ZIP [92065]
Attn.: Richard Lowell                               <July 1, 2001>
NetVAR (7)
P.O. Box 827
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Attn.: Richard Lowell                              <June 1, 2001>
NetVAR (6)
P.O. Box 827
Ramona, California ZIP [92065]
Attn.: Richard Lowell                             <May 1, 2001>
NetVAR (5)
P.O. Box 827
Ramona, California ZIP [92065]
Attn.: Richard Lowell                             <April 1, 2001>
NetVAR (4)
P.O. Box 827
Ramona, California ZIP [92065]
Attn.: Richard Lowell                             <March 1, 2001>
NetVAR (3)
P.O. Box 827
Ramona, California ZIP [92065]
Attn.: Richard Lowell                             <February 1, 2001>
NetVAR (2)
P.O. Box 827
Ramona, California ZIP [92065]
Attn.: Richard Lowell                             <January 1, 2001>
NetVAR (1)
P.O. Box 827
Ramona, California ZIP [92065]
Attn.: Richard Lowell                             <December 1, 2000>
NetVAR (12)
P.O. Box 827
Ramona, California ZIP [92065]
Attn.: Richard Lowell                             <November 1, 2000>
NetVAR (11)
P.O. Box 827
Ramona, California ZIP [92065]

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