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You get unlimited internet access, plus great value with an extra incentive!*

Advanced Service Packages
Home Business DSL access at speeds up to 784 Kb/s  (with all local loop time included) at only $55/month, plus a one time installation cost of $300 and $260 for bridge equipment. Note: Our superior DSL is provided to you by NorthPoint.
Business DSL speeds at 784 Kb/s at only $95/month, plus a one time installation cost of $300 and $370 for router equipment. Note: The business DSL service supports multiple IP addresses.
E-commerce web site hosting at $30/month (plus an additional $100/month in service costs) and a one time setup fee of $50.
Unlimited web based e-mail addresses at $35/month and a one time setup fee of $25.
(NetWARM.net has web based e-mail access service available for its customers.)
Please call first about advanced service orders. Go to:
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(*Don't miss the rebate program below.)

*The Service Promotion Program - interNet With Area Rebate Money
To NetWARM customers: 1.) Once you sign up for services from NetWARM you can sign-up other people for service and then receive almost immediate cash awards. 2.) Also, if you tell two other people about NetWARM and they become customers (only two good referrals are needed) you will be eligible to be entered into the rebate program which awards in American Liberty Currency certificates which are redeemable in one ounce fine silver or gold Liberty rounds. All $5 or higher service packages are eligible for the rebate program. The promotion details are available at participating sponsors, or on the NetVAR web site at:

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